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  1. Michael

    Inspector Michael

    Michael De Simone currently serves as the Division Commander over the Community Development Section. A brief background on Michael. He’s 20 years old, born and raised in Toronto with strong Italian heritage. Through his time in high school, over the span of four years, he served as student government, Swim Captain and chair of an initiative known as Developmental Assets. Developmental Assets is a program set in place to better the lives of students by creating a better wholesome school community through spirit. Michael was able to grasp leadership skills through his experiences through high school. This allowed Michael to obtain a commendation from the school as well as Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Award. Upon graduating from high school Michael enrolled in 3 different Criminology Degree Programs and was accepted to The university of Toronto and York University, Michael completed a year of Criminology and switched over into a Criminal Justice Degree which he is currently pursuing at Humber College. He originally started his career back in 2013 as a Cadet in the Depot Division, Through that time Michael had slowly risen in the ranks where he landed his first command staff position as Detective Sergeant of Investigation, he decided upon the switch back to GTA 4 that it would be in the communities best interest if he stepped down. Approximately 1 year later Michael stepped back into a Corporal position in a Watch, soon afterwards Michael took command as Auxiliary Coordinator, a few months later he stepped into a position as a Watch Sergeant and afterwards into Traffic and making his way up to Staff Sergeant. 1 Month later Michael was promoted to Inspector and Community Manager of Criminal Operations where he oversaw the unit for 4 months. Michael decided to resign his role to pursue personal things and 3 months later returned and merged with his community and was reinstated as Inspector of Community Development where he currently sits. Michael has served 5 years within the community. * February 2015, accepted the promotion to Detective Sergeant, * June 2017 accepted the promotion to Watch Corporal * July 2017 accepted transfer to Auxiliary Coordinator * July 2017 accepted the promotion to Watch Sergeant * August 2017 accepted transfer to Traffic Sergeant * August 2017 accepted promotion to Traffic Staff Sergeant * September 2017 accepted promotion to Inspector and Community Manager of Criminal Operations
  2. until
    Come all from far and wide from the depths of the deep dark Depot Division to the bright lights of General Duty to the screens of OCC and onward. Community Development will be hosting a Community Fun Night on Friday June 8th at 1700 Clan Time | 8:00 Eastern, Please look at the poster for more details. I look forward to seeing everyone at the event and prizes may or may not be present............ DUN DUN DUN!
  3. Canadian Police & Peace Officers Memorial. They are our heroes. We shall not forget them. On September 24, 1998 the Government of Canada officially proclaimed the last Sunday of September of every year as Police and Peace Officers' National Memorial Day. Join us on this day for a ceremonial ceremony at the beginning of patrol where we will wear our red serge's and celebrate those who have lost their lives and dedicate their lives to the service of the people.

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